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Flexibility and Control Healthcare is complicated. Traditionally, employers navigate the complexities of health insurance by taking the standardized, one-size-fits-none option offered by a few big players. Savings are throttled, member health outcomes don’t increase, and financial gains go back to the insurance company. Our flexibility allows you to build the plan you want while our tools and administrative support give you the control you need.

What makes us different

We negotiate directly with providers and medical facilities that are incentivized and committed to efficiency in practice and quality in care, through continuous improvement. We own our proprietary networks, rather than lease them, to provide you with high-quality providers and guarantee flexibility to customize them to fit your needs. That means cost savings to you in the form of lower premiums for your employees.

You’ll get the control and cost saving benefits of a self-insured high value network with the quality care and administrative ease of a fully-insured plan. You want an affordable benefits package that includes offerings like pharmacy and telemedicine solutions, and we’ll deliver an integrated solution complete with care coordination and administrative services.


Offer Your Clients Unique, Flexible Options

As a broker or consultant, choice can feel limited. Healthcare Highways Health Plan provides a unique alternative, one that is focused on lowering the cost of care for your clients, while engaging their member population. We are driven to find the intersection of affordability and quality.

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Our networks

The networks that Healthcare Highways has designed for our health plans deliver savings by providing a broad network option and a high-value network option. Our broad network plans have more participating providers and generally cost more for participants. Our high-value network plans place limits on the doctors and hospitals available to their members, often excluding high-cost providers. As a result, the premiums for such plans are lower, and attractive to price-sensitive consumers.

Our provider networks offer high-value choices that are locally relevant and that employees can access wherever they may be in the U.S. according to their benefit plan. Provider discounts are a one-time saving that only works if you start with a common price. And not all providers price the same: in fact, hospital rates can vary 300 percent or more on medical billing codes. Efficient practices and reimbursement models provide meaningful cost savings that can improve over time.

Join our network

We take great pride in our network of hospitals, physicians and related professionals who serve our members with the highest level of quality care and service. We are committed to ensuring our providers have access to support and the latest information possible to ensure their success and ability to deliver quality care to our members. Healthcare Highways Health Plan utilizes our Healthcare Highways’ networks for local and regional network coverage; and partners for national network access.


Data analytics and access

Your data is just that—yours. You tell us what data you need to help you make the ongoing decisions about the health of your workforce and the effectiveness of your health plan. We’ll quickly send you standardized reports or ask you how you’d like to see that data packaged to better suit your needs. Moreover, our team of experts will regularly meet with you to offer insight and recommendations.

You tell us where your employees prefer to work, and we’ll create an affordable healthcare network that provides them robust access to in-network providers, specialists, and health care facilities. We deliver with mobile, online, and telephonic customer support and self-serve tools including secure employer and member portals, and a CerpassRx mobile app.


Health plan features

    • Proprietary broad and high-performance networks
    • Out of network solutions
    • Plan features including diabetes management, renal management, telemedicine, nurse advice lines, and wellness programs
    • Physician partners focused on value-based care, not fee for service
    • Provider incentives for efficiency measurements and quality metrics
    • Prescription Plans and Integrated pharmacy solutions (CerpassRX)
    • Care coordination and population health managment
    • Claims and Cobra Administration
    • Member, employer, and provider portals for easy self-service
    • 24/7 Customer Support call center
    • Single Point of Contact administration support
    • Standard and enhanced health plan management reporting
    • Data analytics and predictive modeling
    • Stop Loss Insurance
    • Precertification and utilization review
    • FSAs and HRAs Assistance

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