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Your success is our success. The commitment that we make to each other and our employer partners ensures that the members and patients we jointly serve receive the affordable and quality healthcare we believe they deserve. We want you to have increased volume and better patient engagement, and we’re taking the steps to make it happen.

Join our network

We take great pride in our network of hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals who serve our members with the highest level of quality care and service.

We’re always looking for hospitals and physicians who are interested in a value-based care contract that combines the practice of coordinated healthcare, directed engagement of members, and reimbursement models for physicians that are based on practice effciencies and quality outcomes.

Let’s talk about what makes your practice unique, and how we might be partners on this new pathway to aordable and quality healthcare.

Yes, I’d like to speak to Healthcare Highways about requesting a contract.



Verifying member eligibility

Providers are responsible for verifying member coverage and benefits prior to rendering any non-emergency services or treatments, we have made it easy for you to identify our members. Providers can confirm a member’s eligibility by calling the number for the health plan:

For Group Numbers that start with “HH” (in Oklahoma and Texas), call 866.353.8162

For group numbers that start with “HH” (in Louisiana), call 866.547.4255

All Healthcare Highways, Health Plan and Pharmacy members receive a Member ID card.


Appeals process

If you have questions about a claim, or need help with claim processing, we’re here to help. Calling Service Operations ( 888-806-3400 ) is the quickest way to have claims questions answered. Our Service Operations team member may escalate your question if we unable to answer your question during your call. (A reply may take up to five (5) business days.)

Use the written Provider Inquiry Process if a claim remains unresolved to your satisfaction. You have 180 days from the date you received the explanation of payment (or per your provider agreement) to write us. We’ll review and respond to you within thirty (30) days.

For more details and mailing instructions, please refer to your Provider Handbook.


Sample ID Card

Provider resources

We hope you’ll take advantage of these resources to stay informed and maximize the opportunity that our partnership provides you, Healthcare Highways, and our members. If you find something missing that you think would be helpful, please let us know.

We are currently updating our provider form. To update your information, please click the “Update Your Info” link to the right. An excel spreadsheet will automatically begin to download. Please submit the completed excel spreadsheet to

We appreciate your patience. If you require assistance, please contact (866) 945-2292 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, or email, anytime.

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