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Access to care

Nobody likes distraction. Our integrated approach keeps your focus on growing your business. No need to shop around for providers, management systems, claims processing, pharmacy programs or reinsurance. Healthcare Highways provides it all in a single, cohesive package, wrapped in a commitment to service with one destination: total satisfaction for you and your employees.

Healthcare Highways has extensive experience building provider networks focused on quality outcomes that lower costs. Each network is built and managed locally by Healthcare Highways professionals who understand the markets they serve and where the quality care providers in their geographic area are located.

All our provider networks are proprietary, enabling us to better negotiate and manage discounts with individual providers as well as healthcare systems. Once they are part of our network, we facilitate communications between them, making it easier to get employees referred in-network and ensuring care is the most appropriate and cost effective.

We manage our provider networks using a clinically integrated approach that connects patients with high performing providers. It also facilitates a team approach to patient care so when a patient requires multi-provider or multi-facility care, handoffs are seamless and all parties stay informed on the patient’s progress.

Aligned health plans

In the past, the simplest way for employers to navigate the complexities of health insurance was to take the fully-insured path. Problem is, all the hard work you and your employees put in to generate savings end up in the pocket of your insurance company. And if flexibility is a requirement, you’re not going to find it with most fully-insured offerings. It’s a “one size fits none” proposition where your employee's preferences often take a back seat to what’s good for the insurance company.

Healthcare Highways is changing all that through the power of simplicity. We empower employers to design, implement and manage their own health insurance plans that look, feel and perform just like a fully-insured program, but with several key advantages. Healthcare Highways gives you the tools and opportunities to contain and even lower healthcare costs, but any savings you realize are yours to keep. Your plan is also custom fit to your specific needs and the preferences of your employees. No more compromising or settling for what an insurance company thinks is best for you and your employees.

Data driven solutions

By integrating all its elements, Healthcare Highways provides you access to data from all corners of your health benefits plan. But we go the extra mile to convert that data into useful knowledge to keep your plan on track.

Our management tools help identify gaps in care, your biggest cost drivers, future high claimants and excessive utilization patterns. Quarterly health management reports reveal all your cost trends, including pharmacy, to help you determine the overall cost effectiveness of your benefit plan. At Healthcare Highways, we understand change is constant in any health benefits plan. That’s why throughout the year our experts work with you to create action plans to stem upward trends before they put your plan at risk.


Care experience

We know the most important parts of our organization are at the points it touches yours. At all levels of the Healthcare Highways enterprise, you’ll encounter professionals committed to meeting your needs at every turn.

A dedicated Account Executive who brings proactive recommendations and strategic guidance from design to implementation to operation of your plan.

A dedicated 24/7 call center where 99.5% of calls are answered within 10 seconds and call duration lasts for as long as it takes to resolve your issue.

A dedicated online member portal where employees can:

    • Review their benefits
    • Review their claims
    • Review their deductible and out-of-pocket status
    • Order new ID cards
    • Find a new provider
    • Contact Customer Service

Educational resources and programs designed to improve the overall health awareness of your employees.

A Pharmacy Benefit Management program that puts the power of choice and cost control in your employees’ hands through our best in class HCH Rx mobile app.

We manage our provider networks using a clinically integrated network approach that drives quality of care up by making each provider accountable. It also facilitates a team approach to patient care so when a patient requires multi-provider or multi-facility care, handoffs are seamless and all parties stay informed on the patients’ progress.